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AMS Neve consoles help Iron Man past the $½bn mark for the second time.

Once again AMS Neve’s DFC dubbing console and the 88RS scoring mixer proved themselves the ultimate blockbuster combination as Paramount/Marvel’s Iron Man 2 followed up the success of its awards-studded predecessor. Honours for the soundtrack of the original Iron Man included Best Sound in the Satellite Awards along with Academy Award and Cinema Audio Society nominations for sound mixing and editing. It’s no surprise, then, that when it came to a sequel, the producers and director Jon Favreau stuck as far as possible with a winning formula.

The final dub again took place at Skywalker Sound on the AMS Neve DFC, again with sound designer Christopher Boyes heading the mix team. Joining him as re-recording mixers were Skywalker’s Lora Hirschberg (also a re-recording mixer for the original Iron Man), Ryan Davis and – fresh from working with Boyes on Avatar – Gary Summers.

Similarly the Neve 88R console with SP2 scoring panel was again the choice for recording the score, written by John Debney. Sessions took place at both Abbey Road and Air Lyndhurst, with Simon Rhodes and Michael Stern as recording engineers and Shawn Murphy and Thomas Vicari as score mixers.

Additional recording of vocals and voice-overs took place at The Village, Los Angeles, engineered on the 88R in Studio A by Josh McGee and assisted by Vanessa Parr. The Village’s other 88R, in Studio B, was also used, for a final music 5.1 mix.

The result is not only a great movie, but an even greater box office success than its predecessor. Iron Man grossed $572m, while Iron Man 2 has already breached the $600m mark – demonstrating again that when it comes to sound for pictures, AMS Neve consoles are a cast-iron investment.

By our press release coordinator Sunday January 2, 2011