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Allen & Heath GS3000 8-Bus Recording Console - with tubes (valves)! (part 8)

Pros and cons.


  • Lots of features
  • You can use them all!
  • Exceptionally good muting system
  • MIDI Machine Control
  • Fully parametric mid EQ sections
  • Valve warming section? Why not!


  • Small faders stiff in operation
  • Cluttered lower fader area (common in consoles in this price range)
  • No frequency control on HF and LF EQ sections


This is a totally serious console for the totally serious user. Feature packed it may be, but everything is there for a reason and there is absolutely no fat anywhere on the GS3000. Allen & Heath have set a benchmark in project studio console design.

By David Mellor Thursday January 1, 2004