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An Introduction to Equalization - A free download from Audio Masterclass

An Introduction to Compression: Basic Compression - A free download from Audio Masterclass

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio - A free download from Audio Masterclass

The Waves CLA-76 compressor plug-in on snare drum, with video

Is Pro Tools 11 really the 'new standard for audio production'?

Do you have to be creative to impress?

A brief introduction to compression for the home recording studio

Why delay is good for you (and how to set delay times)

How much would you like to play an amazing keyboard instrument like this?

Mixing: Where to start? - Set all of your tracks to the same level?

Why choosing a key for your song is one of the most important aspects of preparation for production and recording

Channel strips - powerful tool or utter folly?

Visualizing stereo information using Lissajous figures

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