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An Introduction to Compression: Basic Compression - A free download from Audio Masterclass

An Introduction to Equalization - A free download from Audio Masterclass

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio - A free download from Audio Masterclass

Top producer 'steals' song as part of massive publicity stunt

A brief introduction to mixing in the home recording studio

Q: I would like to try a summing mixer. Will my old Tascam do?

The weirdest Neumann mic you've ever seen!

YouTube Review - The Pulse: You won't find me there

This voice over studio looks like something out of Monty Python

Would YOU pay $18 for a Waves plug-in?

Should you make decisions as you record, or keep your options open until later?

One song, arranged four ways

Q: In live sound, what can I do to reduce echo in the room?

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By David Mellor Sunday April 10, 2005