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Broadjam Introduces New Web Hosting 2.0 For Musicians

Broadjam Inc., a leading music technology firm, today announced the introduction of Broadjam Web Hosting 2.0, which offers users more flexibility, control, and customization than ever...

Musicians can now record a song, upload it to their own unique website, and sell it five minutes later, courtesy of the innovators at Broadjam Inc.

Broadjam Inc., a leading music technology firm, today announced the introduction of Broadjam Web Hosting 2.0, which offers users more flexibility, control, and customization than ever. Already offering the easiest way for novices to create and host their own music website, the company has expanded options for users, adding a brand new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option, which allows users to simply host their existing website with Broadjam or to build a new one, and increased customization for its powerful templated hosting service.

"The introduction of Broadjam Web Hosting 2.0 reinforces our commitment to providing easy-to-use and affordable web services to independent musicians," said Broadjam CEO Roy Elkins. "This technology empowers artists to take full advantage of the Internet to promote themselves and expose their music to a broader audience, while accommodating unique styles and graphics."

New DIY Hosting provides maximum flexibility and complete programming control for tech-savvy users. Aimed toward experienced web designers who already have a website or want to create a new customized website and host it through Broadjam, DIY Hosting includes a Linux platform, scripting support, email accounts, mailing lists, MySQL Databases, parked domains, subdomains, add-on domains, FTP accounts, a shopping cart, and FrontPage extensions.

Templated Hosting is Broadjam's website service for those with little or no web design experience. It allows clients control over the look, style, and content of their site, while Broadjam web developers and graphic designers do all the hard work behind the scenes. Using their own domain name, artists create powerful, professional websites from a rich assortment of features including News, Links, Guestbooks, Albums, Bios, Photos, and a Songs Page that can accommodate up to 250 songs. Downloads sell for $.99, artists keep $.80, and Broadjam takes care of the transactions and covers the administrative fees.

Web Hosting 2.0 now offers a Custom Page for the templated sites, allowing unique font sizes and colors, graphics, and flash components through the use of BBCodes, which provide a safe way to generate HTML using special tags.

Both DIY and Templated Hosting now offer mailing list capabilities, which give musicians a direct line of communication to their fans.


By our press release coordinator Thursday June 8, 2006