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Buy Dusty Springfield's microphone - vintage tube AKG C12!

The microphone used by Dusty Springfield on many of her hit records is up for sale. Vintage tube AKG C12 microphones don't come up for sale very often. This could be your big chance!

We don't have a habit - yet! - of featuring eBay auctions in RecordProducer.com, but here's one we couldn't resist.

It's for the vintage vacuum tube AKG C12 actually used by Dusty Springfield on I Only Want To Be With You, I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, Wishin' And Hopin', You Don't Have To Say You Love Me and many others.

A Girl Called Dusty

Dusty Springfield

Note this is not merely 'as used by...', it is 'actually used by' the late great lady herself.

Of course anyone could say that the mic they have for sale was used by anyone. We've used mics that were used by the Beatles. Er, actually we have.

But this mic is being sold by Keith Grant, who was Dusty's engineer at Olympic Studios in London, so he really should know.

This is a chance to buy not only a piece of audio history, but an example of one of the best microphones ever made.

Here are some more pics, note the setting of this actual mic in the second pic...

AKG C12 microphone

Olympic Studios

You can see the auction here... (link opens new tab or window)

Please bear in mind that the auction closes June 27 2010, and at some point after that the eBay listing will be taken down.

We have no connection with the seller other than we asked his permission to use the C12 and studio photos.

By David Mellor Tuesday June 22, 2010