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LinPlug is proud to release the CronoX 2.1, available for PC VST, Mac VST and Mac AU...

May 14, 2004

LinPlug is proud to release the CronoX 2.1, available for PC VST, Mac VST and Mac AU.

At the heart of the CronoX are its audio generators which can be used to create an extensive range of waveforms from analog to "way out there" weirdnes. Four types of generators are available: Analog, TimeSamp, Schrader, and LoopSamp. The 64-bit Analog oscillator can be used to produce classic analog-style waveforms ranging from square to sawtooth.

The TimeSamp Generator resembles a conventional sampler: you load a WAV or AIFF file into the Generator and then time-stretch it in realtime (time is available as modulation destination), pitch-shift it without affecting the duration, and you can use key tracking to control the Time parameter, allowing you to create really weird sample-based waveforms.

The Schrader Generator creates a wavetable from any sample. Finally, although the Loop Sampler appears to function much like a conventional sampler, its start point and loop points can be individually modulated, providing great creative potential.

All four Generators can be used for AM and FM synthesis.

System Requirements: AU or VST2.0 capable host software, 400 MHz PC or Mac.

The CronoX 2 is available for online purchase at the LinPlug website. The license fee is Euro 59 / US$ 59

For more information, visit their web site at www.linplug.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004