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Did you send a CD to Record-Producer.com? Here's the progress report...

We want to help you sell your CDs. If you have sent in your CD, here's the progress report. If you haven't... Er, why not?

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has sent in a CD to Audio Masterclass. We have received quite a few, many of excellent and some of astounding quality.

If you have sent in a CD, then if it meets our high standards, we will get in touch with you within the next week or so by e-mail with our proposal. (Which by the way will cost you nothing, either in money or copies of the CD - that is certainly not true of every distribution 'opportunity'.)

If you have sent in a CD that doesn't meet what we are looking for, it will go into the demo review process and may be featured in Audio Masterclass in the future.

If you haven't sent in a CD yet, there is still time. Remember that we want a CD of fully professional quality that could be sold in a record store.

We don't want demos or CDs that have been made specifically for promotional purposes.

Send your CD by regular, non-signed for mail or airmail to...

A&R Department
Audio Masterclass
114 High Street
United Kingdom

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006