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An Introduction to Equalization - A free download from Audio Masterclass

An Introduction to Compression: Basic Compression - A free download from Audio Masterclass

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio - A free download from Audio Masterclass

To become a hit, your song needs a BETTER TITLE!

ATK Audiotek Implements New System Design Strategy with Powersoft Amplifiers

'Groove' - is it all-important, or does the band just have to play the way they feel?

Audiotech Guitar Products Announce Convertible Source Selector 1X6 to 1X4 Option

Why does a microphone need a shock mount?

Writing songs for the Canadian market? Mind your language!

"Sentuhan-Mu" by SHINRYO

A brief introduction to mastering in the home recording studio

Korg USA to Distribute Elements Line of Modular Audio Sound Reinforcement Products

Your mix sounds good in your car. But does it sound good in ANY car?

Ditch plugins on master fader for mastering?

When I'm recording and mixing for myself, friends and family on Pro Tools LE (it's kind of cool in a way to think you're the only person on the planet...

By David Mellor Monday December 17, 2012