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Intended for anyone that can use some percussion tracks for recording or practice, a new version of Doggiebox is ready, adding a number of usability improvements.

Zygoat Releases Version 1.1 of Doggiebox

March 19, 2004

Zygoat Creative Technical Services announced Doggiebox 1.1, an update to the percussion sequencing software for Mac OS X.

Using Doggiebox, you can create drum tracks in minutes, ranging from the style of a human drummer on a full kit to imaginatively bizarre experimental pieces. Whether you want to produce a demo without taking the time to set up and record real drums or just need a click track for recording guitar, Doggiebox can fill the gap, even allowing you to create your own drum kits, create tempo/time signature changes, and export your work as WAV or AIFF files.

Version 1.1 introduces a number of significant improvements and new features, including:

  • A much improved section and playlist model, providing for more efficient and flexible structuring of songs.
  • Several usability improvements, including redesigned layout of the song editor, more undoable functions, and programmable keyboard shortcuts for selecting drums.
  • Simplified some Preferences options.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
Doggiebox is available for immediate online purchase at USD$39 (regularly USD$49). Updates from previous versions are free for all current users. A functional evaluation version is available for free download.

Doggiebox is aimed at guitar players, home recording and low-end studio folk alike, and requires Mac OS 10.2 or newer (10.3 is strongly recommended).

For more information, visit their web site at www.doggiebox.com.

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004