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EdgeSounds Releases “Native Russian Vol. 1” Sample Library in AKAI S-3000 Format

EdgeSounds has released the Native Russian Vol. 1 sound library in Akai S-3000 format.

Native Russian Vol. 1 represents a collection of musical instruments typical for Russian folklore music.

The CD-ROM contains sound samples of typical and rare folklore instruments played in middle-eastern region of Russia (Siberia, Altai). The collection covers a wide range of instruments: from free reed family to plucked string and wind instruments, percussion and sound effects, and is designed to be sufficient alone to allow you to create a musical atmosphere of Russian countryside, or to add a spice to a contemporary fusion piece.

Content includes:

  • Free reed family: 4 different instruments; separately sampled left and right hand manuals; different registers and special effects;
  • Plucked string: 10 instruments; special effects; loops;
  • Wind instruments: 15 instruments;
  • Percussion: 2 banks;
  • Sound Effects;
  • And More

The disk contains 530 MB of sample material in AKAI S-3000 format, carefully recorded and sampled in our sound laboratories in Novosibirsk, Russia. Detailed info available at http://www.edgesounds.com/russian1.aspx

MSRP: US$ 79.95

For more information, go to www.edgesounds.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006