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Edirol unleash the Leopards

Edirol roar into driver action by releasing free Leopard downloads for their entire range.

Apple's latest Leopard OS has already been wowing reviewers across the globe. Indeed PC Magazine have already described it as "by far the best operating system ever written"! Edirol are proud to keep their products ahead of the game so it's not surprising that they have already announced Leopard drivers for their entire range of controller keyboards, field recorders and audio interfaces, including the ground-breaking M-16DX digital audio mixer.

Edirol are committed to continually keeping their products updated to the latest operating systems on both Mac and PC and are pleased not only to offering the Latest Vista drivers for PC users but also to be able to quickly offer Mac users drivers for Apple's latest and greatest OS.

The drivers can be downloaded from www.edirol.com now.

For detailed information please visit us Edirol Europe www.edirol.co.uk

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006