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Work for TV, Rough Trade and a star in the making demonstrate the multi-faceted capabilities of British Grove’s 88R.

Proving the versatility of both the studio and its console, recent projects on the Neve 88R in the main studio at British Grove have included tracking for a UK artist's take on the Mississippi blues, work on the new release from Mystery Jets, and a staggering workload for one of BBC One's Christmas Specials.

Such was the popularity of the BBC's Cranford, an award-winning costume drama screened in the run up to Christmas 2007, that a two-part special was commissioned for Christmas 2009. Starring Judi Dench, Cranford is a fictional account of provincial town life in mid-19th century Cheshire, which achieved top ten ratings throughout its original five-episode run. Work on the incidental music and cues for the Christmas follow-up took place on the main studio's Neve 88R in two two-day sessions, averaging a blistering workrate of 30-40 cues per day, and bringing the project in well inside its deadline.

Commercial music projects include the first album for Mystery Jets since their move to Rough Trade (produced by Chris Thomas and due out this year) and tracking for the Craig Leon-produced debut album from Delta Maid, a white girl from Liverpool with a voice straight out of the Mississippi Delta.

By our press release coordinator Sunday January 2, 2011