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Golden Globes 2011

Nominations reaffirm AMS Neve consoles as movie-makers' gold standard.

The nominations for the 2011 Golden Globes confirm what a quick check of the equipment in the world's major film scoring and dubbing facilities would establish: AMS Neve's consoles are the gold standard for film-makers. Out of 29 mainstream movies nominated across the various categories, 14 were either mixed in facilities with an AMS Neve DFC or their scores were recorded and mixed on the Neve 88RS with dedicated SP-2 film scoring panel. Or, in several cases, both.

Tot up the 65 nominations and AMS Neve's predominance is even more marked: the DFC and/or 88RS were involved in 35 of them (including the front runner, The King's Speech, nominated in seven categories). With the Globes widely seen as an early indicators for the Academy Awards, it looks certain that AMS Neve will again have an Oscar night to remember.

Post-production houses represented include New York's Sound One and London's Boom Post and Goldcrest as well as Disney, Skywalker Sound and Warner Bros. Scoring facilities whose work is nominated are split between Hollywood (Fox, Sony & Warner) and London (Abbey Road, AIR Lyndhurst and Angel Recording Studios) for a who's who of composers including Alexandre Desplat, Danny Elfman, AR Rahman and Hans Zimmer.

The Golden Globes awards ceremony takes place on January 16, 2011, with nominations for the Oscars due to be announced on January 25.

By our press release coordinator Sunday January 2, 2011