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Grooveboxmusic.com announces new website design and book sales

Grooveboxmusic.com is pleased to announce new website design and select “hand picked” pro audio and DAW training books.

Grooveboxmusic.com has a fresh new look and has made it easier to find products, sign-up for memberships, navigate the member’s area and much more.

Grooveboxmusic.com is also pleased to announce they are selling a select “hand picked” group of pro audio and DAW training books. The books they carry they feel, are the best available and coincide with their ideologies and methods for teaching the various subjects, theories and techniques about pro audio and DAW’s.

The books are available immediately and can be browsed at: http://www.grooveboxmusic.com/store/training-tutorials/books/ Grooveboxmusic.com has also created money saving “Book Bundles” containing any book and training CD-ROM of your choice, offering a $10 instant savings.

Groovebox is also offering FREE training with their “G-Pass Free” online membership. Just take a quick moment to sign up and you’ll be watching high quality, in-depth training videos about your favorite DAW and pro audio topic in seconds.

Grooveboxmusic.com’s video training tutorials have been noted as being the best available and now is a great time to purchase them. Check out their website for great deals on online memberships and training discs today.

For more information, go to www.grooveboxmusic.com/

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006