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Hoag Instruments offers a faster midi guitar pickup and is now available

Hoag Instruments offers a faster midi guitar pickup and is now available

Fast response time is the key word here. Magnetic pickups, that started the midi guitar evaluation, has given us a challenge to improve the midi response time. Other mechanical pickups have been used, but they have difficulty in the lower frequency of the vibrating strings. Response time, The time for the midi trigger circuits to latch onto the fundamental of each string, is critical for any midi interface. This has been limited by many factors within each pickup. Every trigger circuit relies on the signal fed into it to be the fundamental frequency. If not, it has to filter out the string harmonics to do that. Hoag Optical Pickup generates the fundamental first and then the harmonics follow. The first signal that comes from the Hoag Optical Pickup, is pure fundamental. For that instant in time the signal has not had time to reach the bridge. It is only after the fundamental reaches the bridge that it has time to create the harmonics and reflect back to the finger position or nut. Hoag Optical Pickups also, greatly expands the frequency of the pickup. The Hoag Optical Pickup is responsive from a few Hertz to well over Humane hearing and is quite evident in the sound file on the web site www.opticalguitars.com . Please listen to it and give your opinion. Thanks, Ron Hoag

For more information, go to www.opticalguitars.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006