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We have always thought of working with sound as the most fun you can have without laughing. Not for everyone by the look of things...

It's interesting the stuff Facebook throws at you sometimes. Well, sometimes.

But just for once, here we find a photo of an engineer working for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Here's the whole picture...

Sound engineer having fun

Clearly this guy enjoys his work. You can see it written all over his face.

Seriously though, he was probably concentrating at the time. Perhaps this is what we all look like working hard at the mixing console.

It's an interesting console. Notice how the faders are paired together, very likely for stereo, although it seems that each channel has two separate sets of controls, rather than ganged controls that are a lot easier to operate.

The center section of what is clearly a broadcast console has a flat area for a script, which is something you wouldn't normally see on a music recording console, although you do sometimes come across a sliding score rack.

In the bottom right of the console, below the telephone, there seem to be two circular cutouts. They look like the drinks holders in my car! I guess Danish engineers enjoy a soda now and then.

By the way, someone tell the guy not to put anything on top of the knobs (tape reel upper left). Getting into that bad habit only leads to maintenance problems later on.

Photo credits here...

By David Mellor Thursday January 6, 2011