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It's official - Macs don't really suck. And neither do PC's.

Alternative headline: 'It's official - they both suck!" And now there's a place where you can be as angry as you like in this debate. Why waste time making music..?

I wonder when anyone has seen a thread go so wildly astray? An innocent article in Audio Masterclass asks the question whether a forum should be open to all enquiries, or whether a member should be banned for asking the wrong question. That is of course some other forum, not this one.

But suddenly the debate turned into a no-holds-barred Mac vs. PC war. I don't know quite how that happened, and I don't think we really did reach a conclusion on the original question.

Hang on though - maybe we did. Any topic that can spark such a battle of flames is surely so contentious that it shouldn't be allowed. Free speech has limits, doesn't it?

As you will know by now, 'compromise' isn't a word that exists in the Audio Masterclass vocabulary. It has to be either one way or the other, free speech or censorship.

Or.. perhaps there's a third way? Yes... let's set up an arena specifically for this debate. Then the rest of us can talk about music and the technology of music in peace.

So here it is... a special Mac vs. PC arena. Do your worst...!

By David Mellor Monday October 30, 2006