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Marmaduke travels from Village to the heart of Hollywood

Score recorded on the 88RS... and the 88RS... and the 88RS.

The unusual requirements of Christopher Lennertz's score for Marmaduke saw the composer and scoring engineer Jeff Vaughn – rather like the movie's eponymous hero – chasing all over Los Angeles to record the music.

The score combines a contemporary band – tracked in Studio D at The Village – with orchestra. To ensure that the whole musical soundtrack knitted together, the orchestral parts were recorded in two distinct phases. First an "underscore' using a smaller orchestra was laid down at 20th Century Fox's Newman Scoring Stage. Then the music team moved on to the Eastwood Stage at Warner Brothers where the full Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra performed to the pre-recorded band and underscore, and the score came to life.

Helping ensure continuity between the separate elements was the common thread in the three control rooms: each features the Neve 88R with SP2 scoring panel.

By our press release coordinator Sunday January 2, 2011