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Description and application of the meters of the mixing console.

The main meters can be switched to read:

  • The main console outputs, or;
  • Whatever signal is being fed to the main monitors, or;
  • Ext 1 or Ext 2 external sources.

The individual channel module meters have a number of switched options:

  • Store Peak: retains the highest level reading reached in the channel, until cleared by the Clear Peak button.
  • Display peak: shows the highest level reached as a single segment at the top of the meter column.
  • Cal Meters: allows technical staff to calibrate the meters.
  • C/Sect Select: selects the source for additional meters located above the computer monitor.
  • VU: gives the meters the ballistic characteristics of an analog VU meter. The traditional VU meter does not show peaks accurately but corresponds quite well to the subjective loudness of a signal.
  • PPM: gives the meters peak program meter characteristics. Peaks are measured accurately.
  • LF Mix: displays the VCA control voltage of the large fader. This is useful to see changes in fader levels during replay of an automated mix with the fader motors switched off.
  • SF Mix: as above, but for the small fader.
  • Meter Input: with this selected, all meters display channel input signal levels.
By David Mellor Thursday May 29, 2003