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New discussion forum at Record-Producer.com

You can now start your own discussion thread on Record-Producer.com. Say what you have to say, ask a question, post a review. Anyone can comment, just like on the regular RP pages.

The problem with web forums, I find, is that they are too complex with lots of fiddly little icons that don't really do anything useful.

It's much easier just to have a comments system that allows anyone to comment on articles in Audio Masterclass

The only problem is that people only get to comment on what appears on the site.

But that has changed. Audio Masterclass visitors can now initiate their own threads, which appear just like regular Audio Masterclass pages.

You don't have to register or log in - just make your post. It would be nice if you would put your name at the bottom.

Of course there are a few rules. The basic one is that posts have to be relevant to the site and useful to site visitors. Posts will be moderated to comply with this.

Also, although intelligent and articulate newbie questions will be accepted, you would be surprised how much non-intelligent and non-articulate stuff comes my way. Deletion will be quick and certain.

So give it a go. Posts will be listed in newsletters and also on the home page of the site, so you will get pretty good exposure.

To get started, just click here...

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006