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News at PROXON

The TUBE BOX distorter is equipped with a 12AX7 tube and pedal, power supply by battery or 12V DC 300mA plug-in AC/CD adaptor. The kick at the TUBE BOX is the easy access of the tube, everybody can exchange it by an other one to have a multitude of different sound effects.

Proxon Custom Analog Effect is a small high-tech company closed to Nancy in the east of France. With our products we're going back to roots of analog sound conversion. Our robust devices are hand made - that’s what makes the difference to big series.

The developpement is realized by a team of musicians and fabricated by technicians that makes using our products efficiant and easy. Only the basic controllers are installed... just for good music

For more information, go to proxoneffect@free.fr

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006