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I recorded with Calif Records before going in full time recording and performing with sonic sounds entertainment in Kenya....

I recorded with Calif Records before going in full time recording and performing with sonic sounds entertainment in Kenya.

Since, Influx has raised his album belt count to three, (now Recording His 4th Wazito which is a Swahili word meaning Heavy People) with his first album 'Ndani Yangu' a successful count.

Swagga Flani and Last Episode are albums that have taken the market by storm with their songs rising to the top of Music charts in Kenyan Fm radio stations.

He becomes the first Kenyan artiste to release a successful double album. He brings together great music styles like Hiphop, RnB, reggae, Genge, Kapuka among others forming a universal uniting style of Unganika Music, driven from a Swahili word which means unity.

Besides Music, he is also a top actor, model, and writer having written Enslaved In freedom, Blood Murder and My Money In Your Bank. (Now writing Face To Face With Fame.)

Born from a Family of music way from his Great grandparents coming to face with the fact that his grandfather was given a (free) wife when he impressed her father with music. This great talent was passed to his father having composed pieces that were performed up to the levels of presidential ceremonies.

Then, he comes In, with a multiplication of talents. A Rapper, Writer, Model and Actor. He is still known as the king of the undefined. He was like a good boy gone bad in the eyes of many after he started going the hiphop way in high school which was unacceptable in Kenya back then.

He loves doing his thing to the best of his ability. Musically, he has a crazy slogan of 'Mziki Nafanyia Justice Bila Hata Practice' he has the fastest exploding fan base across the world simply because his Music goings beyond the limits of style and the fact that he is multi talented.

That's the definition of INFLUX SWAGGAThe artiste also runs a Foundation which goes under his Name (The Influx Foundation) where he is the president and founder. He has donated 20% of his talent income to this foundation including Music albums, Movie and book sales, modeling and advertising commissions and other hidden income which comes with talent.

This foundation helps the less-privileged but extremely talented. It focuses on education for the African Kid and also building their lives to better their future with the slogan of Talent for a better Africa. He is also the president of the Multi Billion project of the Jamox Complex which has five major elements (departments) including the Jamox Talent Network, Jamox wear, Swaggahood , Jamox Edit and Jamox Securities.

Further information is available at www.facebook.com/influxswagga

By Influx Tuesday December 6, 2011