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Not With Me by Michael Fog

Not With Me by Michael Fog - 6th place entry in the Second Record-Producer.com Creativity Competition

Not With Me

Artist's information...

Michael Fog is a veteran of Jersey Shore and NYC bands. He is also a founding member with Dennis Fog of the studio production/performance duo The Fog Brothers.

During a lull in their production schedule, Michael decided to finally track some of his own songs on his Digi 002, inviting friends to help out. This lead to some solo tracks as well as some collaborations with Lawrence Hart, guitarist/songwriter formerly of Meg Bottomly and currently a regular in Mushmouth (Michael's Jersey based cover band).

The success of these co-efforts has lead to the formation of a new original band "Sneaky Cheeko" featuring Michael and Lar. Preview the songs and if you like them TELL YOUR FRIENDS to come listen to them at www.myspace.com/sneakycheeko!

The guys love to hear your comments! LOOK FOR "Sneaky Cheeko" TO BE PLAYING OUT NEAR YOU SOON!

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006