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Can you tell a priceless Stradivarius violin from a $5500 copy from a $60 chain-store clunker?

If you can tell a genuine Neumann microphone from a Chinese imitation, then surely you will be able to tell these violins apart, which range from the priceless to the almost valueless. Here they are...

I'm sure you will spot the cheap instrument, which is a Windsor brand, clearly aimed at beginners. But the choice between the other two isn't as certain.

Do you go for strength of tone, or for subtlety, and precision of articulation and response?

One thing is for sure, the reverb on these recordings is truly awful.

But it's an interesting test. Take a look in more detail here and see if you got the answers right!

Your comments are welcome.

By David Mellor Saturday June 15, 2013