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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio - A free download from Audio Masterclass

An Introduction to Compression: Basic Compression - A free download from Audio Masterclass

An Introduction to Equalization - A free download from Audio Masterclass

Develop your DAW skills by making a ringtone using edits and crossfades

Mapex Unleashes the Ferocious Sound of the Black Panther Drum Set Line

Jensen releases Jet Falcon 10"

Are successful producers the best people to tell you which is the best equipment?

Responding to a client's requests for changes - a vital skill in audio

How to find the best tempo (BPM) for your recording

Two microphone preamplifiers compared at Abbey Road Studio 2 - tube and transistor

An inside view of the weirdest recording session ever, at the BBC!

Do some microphones respond to EQ better than others?

The cutest audio interface on the market?

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