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The best tape recorder in the world is for sale!

Grab yourself a piece of audio history that still has the power to deliver the goods. It's on eBay right now!

This is the best tape recorder in the world. How do I know that? Well when Tim de Paravicini wanted to make an even better one, a stereo machine that used 1-inch tape, he chose the Studer C37 as his starting point. I saw it for myself in his workshop and indeed it was a magnificent beast.

It isn't often that a regular Studer C37 comes up for sale, but someone somewhere out there in eBay-land has made the decision to part with their pride and joy, possibly to allow someone else to make good use of it in the years to come.

What makes this machine so great? Well it's the sound. There's something about the sound of vacuum tubes and tape that creates magic. Not that you can't create magic with a DAW, it's just a different kind of magic. And where everyone else has a DAW that is just as magical, machines like the C37 are few and far between.

So if you fancy acquiring a grand piece of audio history, advertised in working condition, here you go...

(Bear in mind that if the auction has ended when you click the link, you may not get to see the item there.)

We have no connection with the seller except that we asked permission to use the photos. All photos are courtesy Vintage Recorders.

Click each image for a large version.

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

Studer C37

By David Mellor Thursday November 10, 2011