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The completely updated MAY / JUNE 2005 A&R REGISTRY has been released.

If you want to land a record deal, you need to contact record labels. But where do you find the contact details of A&R managers? Here...

The completely updated MAY / JUNE 2005 A&R REGISTRY has been released.

As you're well aware, there has been a tremendous amount of changes and activity over the last 2 months and all of the changes, moves, hirings & departures are documented in the new updated May / June Issue.

In addition, a completely updated 2005 - 2006 Music Conference Calendar including all contact details for each conference is included as well.

Complete A&R Staff listings at over 500 Major & Independent Labels throughout Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, London, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, & Vancouver including the phone, fax and email for each listing as well as the style of music that they focus on & all assistants who work in the Dept.

To order your copy of the A&R Registry for only $65.00 + $5.00 S/H. please visit http://www.audiomasterclass.com/contacts.html

By our press release coordinator Friday May 13, 2005