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The Making of a CD - FREE DOWNLOAD

How up-and-coming band SinFiction financed, produced and brought to market their first CD album, 'Led By Verses'

This book, by Audio Masterclass Course Director David Mellor, is about how a band or solo artist can take their first steps on the road to success, illustrated by the real-life story of UK band SinFiction. If you have a band and you're at the stage of playing local gigs, or you are an aspiring solo artist, then this book is for you. You will learn about one possible path you could follow. You will also learn that being successful in music is not just about the music, it's about your whole package. And not just what you can offer to your future fans, but what you can offer to your manager, your future record label, and the media and marketing industry that will propel you to success.

Here is the trailer for the book, which is included in the iBooks version...

Chapter 1 of this book will show you why it is important to be able to prove and demonstrate small-scale success, so that you can achieve your shot at the big time.

Chapter 2 tells the story of up-and-coming band SinFiction, and the production of their first CD, Led By Verses, with contributions from principal songwriter David Thornton, producer Phillip Goss, and financial backer Adrian Cannon.

Click here to download The Making of a CD in iBooks format (best)...

Click here to download The Making of a CD in PDF format...

By David Mellor Monday May 23, 2016