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A brief introduction to microphone techniques for the home recording studio

A brief introduction to compression for the home recording studio

Three new download sample packs

Three brand new, amazing collections from Loopmasters: Light Textures, Electro House Beats and Live Hip Hop & RNB Breaks...


The collection comprises a great selection of ethereal pads, sweeping atmospheres, lush string pads, bells, chimes, drones and original sfx suitable for many styles of music, and which would also work well on television and movie soundtracks, adverts and any genre requiring deep lush tones and progressions. It represents an unprecedented quality for those looking for lush tones, large evolving pads and soundscapes or new forms of sfx.

Tech Specs: 150MB download featuring 56 Acidised WAV Files and 60 patches for Halion, Kontakt, Reason NNXt, SFZ, EXS and compatible with Stylus RMX and nearly all other music software packages.

Price and availabilityAvailable now for £14.95.


Elektro House Beats is a cool collection of brand new original Beats and Breaks which have been cooked up by Andy Lee, producer of the award winning Elektro House Producer CD by Loopmasters. If you want the kind of beats that are currently setting the worlds best respected Dance Floors alight with the Electro Sound that is taking over the planet right now, you have come to the right place.

Tech Specs: 195MB download featuring 105 Acidised Elektro House Beats between 128 - 130bpm, 105 REX2 Samples for use with Cubase, Logic, Reason and other music packages.

Price and availabilityAvailable now for £14.95.


This is a great selection of fresh drum loops ready for any samplist looking to add real groove and punch to any Hip Hop or RnB style production! It includes 109 rock solid and groove maximised Hip Hop and RnB drum loops in tempos of 80  100bpm. The beats have a great live feel as many hits and much of the playing has been recorded live then carefully edited down to maintain a human feel, with rock solid tempo precision. These beats work really well in Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz and down tempo music, and come highly recommended!

Tech Specs: 150MB download featuring 109 Wav Hip Hop drum loops, and 109 Hip Hop and RnB breaks in Rex2 format.

Price and availabilityAvailable now for £14.95.

Listen to the demo MP3s to get an idea of what&squot;s in these new Loopmasters Samplepacks! Head on over to www.loopmasters.com and audition them now!

Only the best musicians, studios and recording equipment are being used in the production of these collections, and every sample is GUARANTEED copyright free for use in your music!


By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006