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VertexDSP Debuts FaderWorks Gain Adjustment Plug-In

FaderWorks is an audio plug-in for intelligent gain adjustment. The main idea behind FaderWorks is to provide an additional layer of control and flexibility to a mixing environment...

FaderWorks is an audio plug-in for intelligent gain adjustment. The main idea behind FaderWorks is to provide an additional layer of control and flexibility to a mixing environment.

At its simplest, FaderWorks can be placed anywhere in the effect chain of an audio track. This allows you to specifically control the volume behind or before other audio plug-ins.

The main idea behind FaderWorks comes to life when 2 or more instances are opened. These instances can be connected logically to each other. Using FaderWorks in this way, it is possible to manage complex mix setups with just one volume fader.

Main Features:

  • Volume control with logically connected instances for flexible mixing of audio tracks, enhanced by solo/mute and bypass functionality
  • Assignments of instances to groups for efficient handling
  • 128 instances at maximum
  • 32 groups
  • Mute/bypass for all instances
  • Solo/mute/bypass for every group
  • Solo/mute/bypass for all instances within a group
  • Bypass for the current instance without affecting other instances
  • Group volume offset, switchable for every instance
  • Individual volume offset for every instance, switchable
  • Connection matrix for defining dependencies between different instances/groups
  • 2 connection types:
    • Crossfade with adjustable crossover level
    • Multiply & offset with positive and negative multiplication factors
  • Connections in the matrix can be combined in serial and in parallel
  • Moving any fader belonging to a connection automatically updates all other connected faders
  • Connection matrix available from every instance
  • Detailed control of volume adjustments using the fader, selectable modes are:
    • Volume for calculation in the connection matrix
    • Group offset
    • Individual offset
    • Sum of the levels mentioned above
  • Parameter automation for volume levels and level switches
  • Reading and writing of automation switchable from every instance
  • VST 2.4 compatible
  • Support for native 64 bit processing (VST only)
  • All sample rates supported

FaderWorks will be available as a plug-in for Windows (VST only) and Mac OS X (VST and AU, both Universal Binary). The plug-in is expected to be released during December 2006 with pricing to be announced.

For more information, visit their web site at www.vertexdsp.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006