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Vestax Controller One Hits UK Retailers

A new Musical Instrument is here, the Controller 1 from Vestax. With the introduction of the Controller One, the Turntable has now legitimately spawned a new industry category: Musical Instruments for DJs.

Imagine being able to control vinyl the way you need it to be played, being able to hit notes and keys just like any other instrument? Well now you can. The Controller One is the world’s first MIDI synchronizing turntable. Originally a concept shared by revolutionary Scratch composer and performer Ricci Rucker, the unit has evolved to shine a new light on the world of Scratch, providing more for the DJ looking for more than just a pitch control to create basic melodies.

The C1 fully synchronizes with digital devices, by gate controlling the platter speed and sound signal with MIDI notes, pitch bend and control changing. The pitch bend shifts up and down in half tones to play sharp and flat notes, enabling you to hit the most precise notes and keys.

The C1 isn't a stand alone instrument. The vinyl sound can be tuned when you play with other instruments just as a band or an orchestra would do before a live performance, tuning gear to bring the right sounds to the audience. A 7-Segment pitch LED is located at the top corner indicating what note or pitch point you are on, allowing you to make sure you are at the right key and sound.

“The gap between DJ’s and musicians is ever narrowing, opening up the potential for innovations like the Controller 1 to wider markets,” says Nick Spalding, MD of Leisuretec Distribution, Vestax’s UK distributors. “This musical instrument meets turntable is not only for the Scratch DJ but for all DJs. Incorporating the Controller 1 to your set enables a new level of innovation and creativity, and for dance acts with DJ’s it is the ultimate tool.”

The Controller 1 hits UK shops today. If you’re looking to take DJ’ing to another level, then check out this serious bit of kit!

SRP: £1279.00 inc VAT

For more information, go to www.leisuretec.co.uk / www.vestax.co.uk

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006