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Vestax PDX-3000 Arrives in UK

The Vestax PDX-3000 Hits UK stores today! Following the launch of the Vestax VCI-100 and PMC-280, the brand new PDX-3000 Direct Drive Turntable from Vestax is now available in UK stores.

Billed as ‘the ultimate turntable for all types of turntablists’ including the next generation of digital DJ's, this super sleek unit incorporates the feature set of the PDX-2000’s whilst adding Torque Simulator adjustment, a new digital servo that allows Midi Control. A choice of A.S.T.S or new ‘S’ Tone arm enables DJ’s to match the turntable to their own unique style of DJ’ing.

Dealers have taken stock of 1st shipment today, with limited quantities available. The first 100 units have been supplied with a complimentary Ortofon (OM) Qbert Cartridge. Need we say more?

SRP: PDX-3000 SRP £419 inc VAT PDX-3000 MIX (‘S’ Tone arm) SRP £469 inc VAT

For more information, go to www.leisuretec.co.uk / www.vestax.co.uk

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006