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Vinyl Drumkits Acoustic and Electronic from Pettinhouse

Acoustic and Electronic kits that reproduce the typical sound of the '70s and Modern sound. For who is into Hip Hop, RnB, House, Funk or for who wants to add a retro vinyl feel to their music.

VINYL DRUMKITS is a drum kit library on two CDs for NI Battery 2-3 or Kontakt 2.

The ACOUSTIC kits reproduce the typical sound of the '70s useful for anyone that wants to recreate the groove and feel of the old crackly vinyl. They are perfect for dance, funk, soul, rock, pop and any genre that needs retro vinyl sound.

The ELECTRONIC kits can be used for Hip Hop, RnB, House elettronica. The CD also includes experimental drumkits such as voice kits, industrial, game, air kits and many others.

For more information, go to www.pettinhouse.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006