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To achieve success in music, you don't necessarily have to be able to sing all that well. Here's proof...

will.i.am - He is undoubtedly popular. But as you will hear in this clip from the Diamond Jubilee concert of June 2012, he isn't the best singer in the world...

But does that prevent the huge crowd from enjoying his performance? Not one bit.

The key is firstly that will.i.am has achieved respect as a producer. He has also achieved popularity through exposure as a judge on The Voice, and he has a likeable public persona.

In short, people like him. And that's enough to forgive a few issues in pitching. It demonstrates clearly that there is more to pleasing an audience than good musicianship, which is hardly ever enough in itself.

So, well done will.i.am - if you were British we would almost be calling you a national treasure.

By David Mellor Wednesday June 6, 2012