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Your own page on Record–Producer.com!

Artists and bands can now have their own page on Record–Producer.com. Just upload your track, a photo, and some information on how you make your recordings. Great publicity, and it's free!

To be successful as a musician these days, you have to take every opportunity for promotion.

And you can promote yourself for free on Audio Masterclass!

Just click the Upload Audio link that you can see near the top of every page of the site. Upload your track, a photo, and about 400 words of information on how the track was recorded.

Don't forget to include your website so people can find you.

By the way, we can only accept submissions that our visitors will find interesting. You don't necessarily have to be pro standard, but you do have to explain what you do well.

And preferably use a spelling checker!

One point - the photo should preferably be 265 pixels wide. If it is any larger than that it will be resized automatically, which isn't quite as good as if you did it yourself using image editing software. If it's smaller - well why would you want to be small rather than big?!

So what are you waiting for?

Get uploading!!

P.S. You must provide a description of your recording process. We can't publish otherwise.

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006